Scotthall Road LS7

Just coming out of the ground a 16 x 3 metre side extension

Boothroyde Drive LS6

Client gave us a sketch of what she wanted..

Heathfield LS16

Rear 8metre x 4metre cranked roof extension.

Removed & discarded the existing conservatory, reduced the ground level to suit the new extension, took down the double garage and made it a single to allow a view from the proposed new kitchen window, utilized the stone from the garage for the plinth...7th week should complete the buildl in 2 more weeks, kitchen arriving Monday (27th Feb)... more to follow.Getting ready for painting, all signed off by the Building Inspector. All done and dusted 14 weeks.

Holy Trinity Church LS6

Replaced the damaged and vandalized lead work to the high hips in code 6 18 inch lead rolls and a few dozen loose or fatigued Burlington Welsh slates, re-fit lead free alto flashing to the lower vulnerableareas